Sell Your Equipment

Do you have equipment that you are looking to sell? We are interested in purchasing from you. At Cevimed we allow our customers opportunities to not only purchase from us, but to sell to us as well. This is a great convenience for any person looking to receive a credit towards their purchase or downsize on any overstocked merchandise.

How to Sell:

Sell your equipment is easy here at Cevimed. Just follow our three simple steps.

Step 1: Take pictures of your equipment. Be sure to include photos of all wear and tear as well as damage that the product may have.

Step 2: Write a description of what equipment you are selling. Information to include: 

        • Product Type
        • Brand
        • Model Number
        • Condition (New/Used and Working/Not-Working)
        • Asking Price

Also be sure to include your name, the office or clinic you affiliate with, and a shipping address.

Step 3: Send this information through email to : 

We will review your email to see if all necessary information was included in the item description. If we are interested in your equipment you will be notified through email by our purchasing team.

How do I get paid?

Once all information has been provided through email regarding your product(s) for sale and we are able to agree on a purchasing price our purchasing department will email you a purchasing contract where you will select your option for payment.

  • Option 1: Paypal Transfer (As Pre-Payment)
  • Option 2: In-Store Credit (As Pre-Payment)
  • Option 3: Check (Provided to items have been received and inspected)

What happens if there are issues with the equipment?

Once we have received the equipment and have tested it, we will contact the seller with our analysis of the product and if necessary an updated offer.

If our analysis deems that the equipment has a value lower than the original agreed purchasing price the seller will have four options.

  • Option 1: Accept the updated value
  • Option 2: Pay back the difference between the original purchasing price and the appraised value.
  • Option 3: Pay to have the equipment shipped back.
  • Option 4: Allow Cevimed to recycle the equipment if there is no value.